Tendered Heart


“Because your heart was tender, and you humbled yourself before God when you heard His words…and you humbled yourself before Me…and you wept before Me.  I also have heard you, says the LORD.”  (2 Chronicles 34:27)  And in all my striving and pushing and battling I find His words.  My Spirit calms.  My heart softens and tenders and opens.  I press His word close that it might enter to soothe and bathe and heal the hardened scars and scabs.  Oh Word of God move and maneuver and massage your way into the inmost places!  Into this tendered heart, Word of God speak.  Often my heart is protected and harried and distracted.  It is self-seeking, self-soothing and self protecting.  Oh Lord I want to seek You and see You and read You with a most tender and humble heart!  #tenderheart #hearingHisword

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