Lost & Found Uganda Bound Shoes

Uganda shoes

The LOST has been FOUND…and will soon be going to Uganda, Africa! Yep, my shoes, along with my daughter and I, are going to Uganda in two short months!

You see, in my quest to accumulate less by passing on something each time I get something new, I gave these shoes away. When I discerned Africa was calling again, I remembered these shoes that served me so well in 2014. Where were they? I sought them, but to no avail.

Feeling frustrated, I gave up looking. A few days later, having stopped by the local thrift store, I left with a single sack of what didn’t sell the season before. Sitting in the car I opened that sack. There awaiting their next adventure were the LOST shoes! With ‘for sale’ tags attached and for months seeking a new wearer, they sat on the shelf. And on that particular day they landed in the lap of their rightful owner! FOUND!

And I wonder if that isn’t us, LOST, waiting to be FOUND. And we’re all sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to choose us, to decide we are worth the cost, to look at us with wanting eyes, to take us on an adventure, on a worthwhile ride.

Perhaps our rightful Owner is seeking the LOST, His LOST, those of us who long to be looked upon and need to be FOUND. And like the pair of shoes seemingly LOST end up NOT LOST, but forever FOUND!

Yep, like the search for the pearl of great price or the prodigal son or the straying sheep, our rightful Owner is searching us out and offering us a place right there on His welcoming lap. He’s got His arms spread open wide, ready to scoop us up and declare what was once LOST now FOUND!

Jesus came to seek and save the LOST! (Luke 19:10)

Jesus longs to declare you and me FOUND!

Could we, you and me, be still enough to allow our LOST selves to find their way onto the lap of our rightful Owner?

Oh yeah, let’s let it be!! Be FOUND, my friend!  Be FOUND!

And, what of my shoes? The ‘for sale’ tags now cut away and gone, my shoes stand ready for a worthwhile grand Ugandan adventure!

If you would like to learn more about this Ugandan adventure or partner with me, email me via my website’s “contact” page.  Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @definingword or Facebook, at Michelle Christy Defining Word.

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