I am the daughter of my heavenly Father. I am a God chaser and Kingdom pursuer. I am a Word believer and a Word speaker. I am a part of His Story and a Story teller. I am learning to be less of a striver and more of an abider.

I decided almost twenty years ago I would take God at His word. At that time, circumstances in my life left me standing in shifting sand. I honestly felt like I was not going to make it if God did not show up. For me it was a defining moment. God began taking me on a journey through His word teaching me to know His voice as a sheep that knows her Shepherd. For His word says in John 10, “…the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them…the sheep follow him, for they know his voice…My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” And now this wandering sheep is learning to know and follow His voice. God used that defining moment and others since, to re-define me: to give me new words and new messages to live by and live into; to give me a defining word and to give me the Defining Word in Jesus. This is my message and this is my motivation. I promise you: God cannot resist a seeking heart. He desires to show Himself to those who faithfully and whole-heartedly seek Him out according to His word. God delights speaking through His Word to bring a defining word to the places we live, and move and have our being.  It is to this end I labor: that you and I might hear and know His voice through His word.

I covet any opportunity to share through story, word and deed the affectionate love of Christ with you, God’s image-bearers and fellow sojourners. I treasure the stories of Jesus’ inclusive, compassionate elevating love. With deep indebtedness I prize the redemption Story of God’s great grace brought to us in the Person of Jesus Christ.

I am blessed and favored to share life and serve together with my husband and greatest encourager, Greg, and my three children, one each in college, high school and middle school. When asked about parenting you will most likely hear me answer with this phrase, “It has brought me the deepest joy and deepest challenge.” No doubt the heavenly Father feels the same about this daughter. If you ask my husband and kids, they will undoubtedly tell you the word that best describes me is “intentional.”  They might also say that I enjoy sharing my “overtures of intentionality” with all who will indulge me.  And, I find myself pursuing with even greater fervor and intentionality the purposes of this God-given life after enduring a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis in 2009.

As for anything else, well…indulging in and creating a bit of beauty occupies the rest of my time through exercising outdoors; reading a tangible, capable-of-being-written-in book; writing a poem, devotion or worshipful reflection; arranging of antiques, artifacts, and accessories; or chasing after sunsets, sunrises, a resident black squirrel, and any other of God’s creation with my camera in hand.

It would be a privilege to be “indulged” and share this defining journey with you. I invite you to subscribe to my blog here and further check-out my website.



Michelle Christy is a speaker who passionately and faithfully leads others to personal and transforming encounters with God through the study of His word. In a world of mixed messages and ever-changing voices she believes God’s word offers truth, light, hope and life. Michelle brings over fifteen years of experience to her inspirational speaking and Bible teaching ministry, Defining Word. She speaks to audiences several times a month and thousands have experienced her sincere and natural style invite them to a deeper level of trust and belief in their walk of faith. Michelle is a speaker well-known and loved in the region, now taking her message to a broader audience via her website and blog.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and education. In 1997 she experienced God’s call on her life, one she has pursued through ministry within and outside of the local church. She is a 2002 School of Women’s Ministry graduate, a 2006 Proverbs 31 “She Speaks” graduate, and a 2009 breast cancer survivor. In December 2005 after completing nearly a decade of service to her church as a ministry assistant, Michelle sensed God’s leading to leave and further pursue her call to a speaking and writing ministry. She regularly offers and teaches community women’s Bible studies and teaches Sunday School classes at her home church. Michelle’s speaking schedule includes one-time events, weekend retreats, conferences, chapel and church services. She writes devotions and worshipful reflections, and began blogging regularly in 2014. In 2010 Michelle developed a Bible study guide based on Psalm 27, entitled The Goodness of God in the Waiting Rooms of Life which she shared at the Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference and with the women of Northwest Iowa through a non-denominational community Bible study. Since 2010 she has developed three additional Bible study guides, Wondrous Women of the Word: Stories of Jesus and Women in the New Testament, a study on Psalm 119 and Psalm 45. In August 2013 Michelle returned to the Okoboji Bible Conference leading their women’s community through a week of Defining Words for Daddy’s Daughters.

Mentoring and discipling her sisters in Christ toward a deeper intimacy and dependency brings Michelle great joy! It is a part of her ministry she looks forward to further engaging in through her website. And, a new found source of joy for Michelle has been traveling to Uganda, Africa to love on and encourage the brothers and sisters in Christ there. With her heart having found an additional home, she looks forward to further travel to and ministry in Uganda.

Michelle lives in Orange City, Iowa where she shares life and serves together with her husband Greg, president of Northwestern College. She is the managing mother of three of her life’s greatest blessings named Ryan, Madalyn and Kyle. They, together with Greg, indulge Michelle by allowing her to share her defining words and overtures of intentionality with them.

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